Norma Rae Band

Like the heroine from the famous movie, Norma Rae gives a voice to the working class; to the people struggling to make ends meet; to the folks who work hard; to you and me. Norma Rae gets down to the nitty gritty of life, love, and social concerns and blends original lyrics with raw, inescapably Southern harmonies into its Americana sound. The stories told are inspired from real life struggles and indelibly sown to that unpretentious, and unpredictable, soggy part of the real South – the part where both good and evil take root in the same soil, and where certainly everything grows…

Norma Rae is: Kelly Amanda Manning (acoustic guitar/vocals), Tyrus J. Manning III (bass/vocals), Andy Robison (drums), and Jeff Soileau (electric guitar). Previously Drew Marler on (bass/vocals).

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